Thank you, Dickinson, Clay, Emmet, Palo Alto, Winnebago and Kossuth Counties!  I appreciate your support and I am very excited and looking forward to serving you in the Iowa State Senate 90th Assembly beginning January 9th, 2023!

Partial List of Endorsements:

  • Iowa Farm Bureau "Friend of Agriculture"
  • IIPAC (IA Industry) Friend of Iowa Business
  • ABC - Association of Builders and Contractors
  • IMHA - Iowa Manufactured Housing Association
  • NRA - 2022 AQ Rating & Endorsement for the 2022 Primary Election
  • American Federation for Children
  • Iowa Hospitals Association
  • Iowa Dental PAC
  • Iowa Friends of Electrification
  • Bankers United in Legislative Issues (BUILD)
  • Iowa Industry
  • Iowa Agribusiness

Last Fall, I ran for the Iowa Senate in a special election, following the resignation of Senator Zach Whiting on October 28, 2021.  I ran to represent northwest Iowa’s conservative policies at Iowa’s Capitol. The support I received in response was overwhelming, and I proudly served in the 2022 Iowa Legislature representing District 1. 

I am an Iowa State Senator fighting for common-sense legislation that supports our constitutional rights, families and the unborn.  I am a conservative Republican who believes in the principles our forefathers built this great nation upon.  I find inspiration from our forefather’s vision. I am wholly committed to protecting our Constitutional rights, our individual liberties and the freedoms this great nation was built upon.

I am a home-grown Iowan.  I was born in Cedar Rapids and have lived in Western Iowa for 35 years.  My wife Kris and I have lived in Spirit Lake Iowa for over 26 years where we raised our family of four children. 

I Believe

I believe in our Constitutional rights, in a government by the people and for the people, and I believe in our God-given individual liberties and freedoms.  

I believe in supporting our families by providing quality education, employment opportunities and a bright future for our children.

I believe that our Midwest roots, our history and heritage exemplify the heart and soul of Iowa and our country, offering the very best qualities of commitment, discernment and responsible leadership.  

I believe governance demands statesmanship and vision and that the United States Constitution is the foundation on which our country must always stand.  I am in awe of the courage of President Lincoln and the passion of President Reagan.  I am a Republican.  

I believe that the state of Iowa is a great place to live, work and raise a family.  Our communities nurture faith, family, education, work ethics and respect for the rule of law.  Iowa provides opportunities for all Iowans to reach for high standards, to live a life with meaning.  

The Issues

  • Tax Relief for all Iowans
  • Workforce Development
  • Pro – Iowa Business & Growing our Economy
  • Pro - Family
  • Pro – Quality Education & Parental Rights
  • Pro - Constitution and protecting the 2nd Amendment