Thank you, Dickinson, Clay, Emmet, Palo Alto, Winnebago and Kossuth Counties!  I appreciate your support and I am very excited and looking forward to serving you in the Iowa State Senate 90th Assembly beginning January 8th, 2024!

From our family to yours we wish you a blessed Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.  I hope this Christmas brings you comfort and solace as we remember those living or no longer with us who have touched our lives with the promise that Christ brings.  For all I wish you that same peace and good will towards all that this Christmas season brings.

I was elected to the Iowa senate representing District 5 in November 2022 to serve District 5 for a four year term. In 2023 I championed bills that address the issues of our time on many levels.  My focus is on rural services, economy, healthcare, and supporting families.  I serve on several committees: Judiciary, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Workforce, Ways and Means, and Appropriations. I am the chair for the Appropriations Sub-Committee Administration and Regulations.  

I am an Iowa State Senator fighting for common-sense legislation that supports our constitutional rights, families and the unborn.  I am a conservative Republican who believes in the principles our forefathers built this great nation upon.  I find inspiration from our forefather’s vision. I am wholly committed to protecting our Constitutional rights, our individual liberties and the freedoms this great nation was built upon.

I am a home-grown Iowan.  I was born in Cedar Rapids and have lived in Western Iowa for 37 years.  My wife Kris and I have lived in Spirit Lake Iowa for over 28 years where we raised our family of four children. 

I Believe

I believe in our Constitutional rights, in a government by the people and for the people, and I believe in our God-given individual liberties and freedoms.  

I believe in supporting our families by providing quality education, employment opportunities and a bright future for our children.

I believe that our Midwest roots, our history and heritage exemplify the heart and soul of Iowa and our country, offering the very best qualities of commitment, discernment and responsible leadership.  

I believe governance demands statesmanship and vision and that the United States Constitution is the foundation on which our country must always stand.  I am in awe of the courage of President Lincoln and the passion of President Reagan.  I am a Republican.  

I believe that the state of Iowa is a great place to live, work and raise a family.  Our communities nurture faith, family, education, work ethics and respect for the rule of law.  Iowa provides opportunities for all Iowans to reach for high standards, to live a life with meaning.  

The Issues

  • Tax Relief for all Iowans
  • Workforce Development
  • Pro – Iowa Business & Growing our Economy
  • Pro - Family
  • Pro – Quality Education & Parental Rights
  • Pro - Constitution and protecting the 2nd Amendment